AREDF is invested in activities that promote base awareness and mission viability on Fort Huachuca.
This industry priority focuses on the role of the military in our regional economy. Southern Arizona’s five military assets provide nearly 62,000 direct and indirect jobs and generate $5.4 billion into our economy every year.

AREDF acts as a support organization, alongside Huachuca 50, in developing effective solutions for retaining and growing military operations in our region. The relationship between Huachuca 50 and AREDF is highly interactive, as each leverages an understanding of the mission’s complexity and provides insight into achieving a workable solution.

AREDF is also heavily involved in Mission Strong, an effort across southern Arizona that supports the region’s military assets. Mission Strong consists of the Southern Arizona Defense Alliance (SADA), a broad group of community and civic leaders, business organizations, military support groups, elected officials, and private citizens. Their mission is to effectively support the military within the region through focused awareness initiatives in Washington.